Tamie Sauve of Potsdam was recently inducted as a member of the Rotary Club of Potsdam. Sauve is a 1 A (assistant manager) locally for Maurice's Department Store and has an extensive background in upper retail administration, personnel hiring and training, office management, and customer service skills.
She has grown to be a resourceful individual, a creative problem solver, and a successful motivator in building strong team leadership with a business. Sauve is known as an active leader in recruitment, training, and development of new hires, and has overseen the staging and management of new store set-ups and grand openings for over 25 years, spanning her career as a district manager and store manager.
Sauve has been the recipient of Loss Prevention and Management awards for Stage Store Incorporated. Her years of retail sales and marketing have given her a special insight into the interest of saleable goods to the public forum.
Aside from Sauve's work life, she has pursued a personal endeavor in creating her own 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Americans Supporting Armed Services/ASAS and is a self-published author. The mission of her organization is to create opportunities and solutions for veterans with financial struggles, aid in their personal growth and development, and offer emotional support in their time of need.
Sauve has three daughters, Jennie, Khoeasa, and Hanna, along with two granddaughters, Josie and Eloise.