Lots of things going on this week!
  • Today is World Polio Day.  You may have seen the newspaper article about our "Fighting Polio a Foot at a Time" project. From the article: "Polio remains endemic in Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan. And while the reduction of the number of cases globally has been extraordinary, it will continue to wreak havoc until it is stamped out completely. Rotary International has committed itself to accomplishing this goal. Members of the Rotary Club of Potsdam are doing their part in this worthwhile campaign."
  • The annual Dodge Pond Benefit Dinner is this Wednesday, October 25th at 5:30pm at the Freight House Restaurant in Ogdensburg. There will be a silent auction, good food, and great fellowship!
  • Fright Night in Potsdam is this Thursday, October 26th. President-elect Sam Polnak is spearheading an effort to create a "Haunted Alley" between Chilly Delight and the Roxy Theater. Volunteers are needed to help set up starting at 1:00pm (show up any time you can!). Two Rotarians are also needed to man each end of the alley starting at 5:00pm.  We will also be handing out books to the trick-or-treating children--a few more hands needed!